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Our Vision

We believe school should be a place where everyone feels valued and is warmly welcomed into our school family. We place high importance on the personal development of each individual, valuing kindness, compassion and forgiveness. We strive to ensure that education at our school is engaging, inclusive and exciting so that it instils a passion for learning and grows curious, knowledgeable and happy lifelong learners. We aim for our curriculum to be aspirational and impactful, knowing that every one of our learners can achieve and succeed. Our curriculum will be enhanced with enriching experiences that take our pupils beyond the known and into the wider world. We have an unwavering focus on developing pupil’s communication and language skills as well as their ability to read fluently, enabling them to unlock a lifetime of potential. Consequently, pupils will develop a thirst for knowledge and will become active and respectful global citizens. Partnerships are fundamental for collaborative learning; we aspire to engage with families and the wider community as partners in their child’s educational journey. As a result, pupils will achieve academically and beyond, and will be very well-prepared for their future learning.