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Modern Foreign Languages

Tattershall Primary School intends to ignite children’s curiosity for learning about other cultures and make learning new languages fun!  We intend to broaden our children’s horizons by offering a relevant, inspiring and bespoke Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) curriculum, which will encourage and excite children to learn more about the world we live in.

Due to the implementation of a new bespoke scheme and a limited exposure to German, a scheme roll out has been implemented throughout KS2. This means that the scheme and suggested units for each year group will be rolled out a year at a time, giving each child the necessary exposure to core vocabulary and appropriate challenge and skill.

For full information about our MFL Curriculum (including curriculum design, Knowledge Organisers and assessment procedures) please look at our Curriculum Handbook (Non-Core) here.

Languages Club learn about Portugal!

The children in Languages Club have learned about Portugal. We learned how to say “Hello” in Portuguese and some things Portugal is famous for.

We learned about the legend of the Rooster of Barcelos and created our own images of the rooster using oil pastels.