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Attendance/ Leave of absence during term time

Class 6 were this week's winners with 100%.

Term Award

Our target this year is 97% as suggested by Ofsted at our latest visit that we should aim for should we wish to become an 'Outstanding' school.

  1. We will continue to present SAM to the class with the best attendance every week. SAM is a little teddy bear - our ‘School Attendance Mascot.’ He sits inside a trophy which is presented to the class with the highest attendance, during Friday’s celebration assembly. The winning class give a home to SAM for the week!
  2. We will continue to award a special prize to a child with over 95% attendance every term. All children with an attendance of 97% and over, will be entered into the termly draw.
  3. In addition we will award every child with over 97% attendance a sticker and every child with 100% a 100% attendance sticker on a termly basis.
  4. We will continue to discourage holidays being taken during term time.  A Leave of Absence request form must be completed and sent to Mrs Richardson before a holiday is booked. Please note that as from 1st Sept 2013 Headteachers may not authorise any pupil absence for family holidays. There is no longer any entitlement for days off during term time (previously seen as 10 days). Any absence can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. The school is not permitted to deviate from this change and it will be monitored by Ofsted.
    More information can be found at the Department for Education website
  5. We will actively try to keep children in school should they complain of feeling a little unwell. However should they develop a temperature or become worse, a parent/carer will be contacted immediately.

Thank you for your support in helping us to help your child achieve their full potential.