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Maths Curriculum

We teach Maths Mastery skills to our children using 'Maths No Problem. Maths No Problem incorporates the use of resources, problem solving and group work. There is a sharp focus on teaching maths for mastery and the series is designed to improve the maths confidence of both learners and teachers. Watch the videos below which will introduce you to the teaching methods we will be using.

Fundamental Idea

Number Bonds


Mental Calculations


Long Division

Bar Model 1

Bar Model 2

Place Value

Class 5 have been exploring their place value knowledge using place value counters to get a good understanding of counting on and back in hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands.


We have been investigating the volume of cubes, cuboids and calculating how many more cubes we would need to add to shapes to create a solid cuboid.

2D shapes

Class one have been learning about 2D shapes. We have found circles, triangles, squares and rectangles in our classroom. We have named and described the shapes using mathematical language.