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Geography is concerned with the study of people and places and the interaction between them. It has an important role to play in the curriculum as its central ideas can help children gain an understanding of the complex and diverse nature of the world in which they live.

Children study aspects of physical, human and environmental Geography so that they develop a sense of place through studying the local environment and the wider world; they develop a concern for the quality of the environment and thereby enhance their sense of responsibility for the earth and its peoples. Geography is taught through a range of engaging cross-curricular topics.


History is the study of how people lived and acted in the past. It involves finding and evaluating evidence to interpret the past.

Children are taught History through cross-curricular topics. By finding out about the past, children learn about the development of societies throughout the world, develop respect for and tolerance of other people and cultures, develop a concept of time and chronology and understand the relationships between events of the past and present day life.

Traffic Survey

Class 1 enjoyed conducting a traffic survey to find out which vehicles drive past our school.

Geography Fieldwork

PCSO Nicola Stuchfield worked with Class 6 to measure the speed of vehicles on the A153. We have been exploring the issue of speeding along the local road and with her help we were able to use the speed device to collect data. We have also created some surveys to find out people's opinions about the safety of the road which runs through the centre of our village.

Humanities week 11th May

Class 2 designed animal enclosures for Mrs Davey, as she wanted to make our field more interesting!! The children chose an animal and designed an enclosure to suit the needs of the animal.

Dinosaur fossils 26 June

Class 1 were interested to find out how palaeontologists learn about dinosaurs. We had a go at excavating fossils (we had to be very patient and careful) and then we made salt dough to make our own fossils.

Pupil voice

The Humanities Curriculum Team got together with their governor and talked about what History and Geography learning they have enjoyed at school. Here were some of their best bits:

Finley: We found out about the Great Fire of London and made the houses. The firemen came and we watched them burn.
Alfie: I loved the Egyptians. We had to find the secret passcode, it was in calligraphy.
Bradley: I liked going to Magna.

Josephine: We went in the sandpit and found a Canopic Jar. Jed Jaggard told us about Cleopatra.
Peter: I like using the computer to do research.
Shay: I liked learning about volcanoes. We made them!

Continents and Oceans 10 March

In our Geography learning we have focused on a country in each continent to help us find more information about it. We made globes using blue balloons to help us know where the five oceans are situated.


Class 4 got very creative with their homework project and created a wide range of pyramids.

Ancient Egypt Day

Class 4 spent the day as Ancient Egyptian. They spent the morning learning about Gods and using hieroglyphics. Class 4 finished their day with a wow afternoon which allowed children to paint their death masks with their parents.

Traffic investigation 1 December

Class 6 spent the morning with PCSO's Nicola and Jad using a speed device to check the speed of vehicles travelling along the A153. They also completed a traffic count of vehicles during their time in the market place. Following their field work studies they created questionnaires to find out people's opinions about local traffic issues.

Jed Jaggard

Class 4 really enjoyed their visit from Jed Jaggard and had a fantastic introduction to Ancient Egypt!"

Woodhall Spa Fire Brigade visit Class 2

As promised, we managed to organise the fire brigade from Woodhall Spa to come and safely set fire to the houses we made during our wow afternoon. The children really enjoyed the experience and understand even more now, how a fire can spread so quickly! It was a fantastic way to finish our learning on The Great Fire of London.

Wow afternoon

Class 2 had a fantastic time making houses for our History topic on The Great Fire of London. We really enjoyed and appreciated having our families in the classroom to help us complete our houses in just one afternoon.

Magna Carta Wow Day at Lincoln Castle

After going into the Magna Carta vault and seeing the document alongside the Charter of the Forest we watched a film about how King John was forced into agreeing to the Magna Carta by the Barons. We then tackled the challenge of creating a whole class storyboard of the film.

King John Drama

What amazing actors and actresses we have. Great costumes, script and confident performance skills.

Sealing Wax

We created our own mini charters and used sealing wax to add a seal to each finished document.

Wall Walk

We walked along the castle wall to discover where and how the 2nd Battle of Lincoln was fought.


We got to meet the Knights from the Knights trail in the castle grounds. We loved the art work and the bright colours.