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History is the study of how people lived and acted in the past. It involves finding and evaluating evidence to interpret the past.

Children are taught History through cross-curricular topics. By finding out about the past, children learn about the development of societies throughout the world, develop respect for and tolerance of other people and cultures, develop a concept of time and chronology and understand the relationships between events of the past and present day life.



What we want our children to know: Knowledge Organisers


All about me – when I was younger/My family
Tattershall in the Past/ old transport
Journey’s – seaside in the past/Space and Neil Armstrong


Year 1

The Great Fire of London
Toys from the Past
Florence Nightingale

The Great Fire of London Knowledge organiser

Toys from the Past Knowledge organiser

Year 2

Castles – Battle of Hastings

Castles Knowledge organiser

Significant Explorers Knowledge organiser

Year 3-4

Ancient Egypt
Anglo Saxons, Picts and Scots


Year 4-5

Ancient Greeks
Vikings and Anglo Saxons

Ancient Greeks Knowledge organiser

Year 6

Magna Carta & King John
Shang Dynasty
Where are we going?

Magna Carta Knowledge organiser

Shang Dynasty Knowledge organiser