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Geography is concerned with the study of people and places and the interaction between them. It has an important role to play in the curriculum as its central ideas can help children gain an understanding of the complex and diverse nature of the world in which they live.

Children study aspects of physical, human and environmental Geography so that they develop a sense of place through studying the local environment and the wider world; they develop a concern for the quality of the environment and thereby enhance their sense of responsibility for the earth and its peoples. Geography is taught through a range of engaging cross-curricular topics.



What we want our children to know: Knowledge Organisers


All about me –  our houses and local Area of Tattershall
Tattershall/London Comparison
Traffic Survey
Hot and Cold Places


Year 1

Place Knowledge – Lets Explore London
Locational Knowledge – Continents and Oceans
Human and Physical – Weather Patterns


Year 2

Compare City to Village map – local area
Arctic Circle and Africa (hot and cold)
Capital Cities of the UK and Seas

Cities and villages Knowledge organiser

Hot and cold countries Knowledge organiser

Year 3-4

Extreme Earth
Maps: European Countries and Capitals

Extreme Earth Knowledge organiser

Year 4-5

Atlas Skills – countries and capital cities around the world
Magnificent Mountains
Plants of the world


Year 6

Trade and Economics – El Salvador and Fairtrade
Shang Dynasty and China – Countries around the world
Time Zones/ Google Earth – Ordnance Survey/co-ordinates

Trade and economics Knowledge organiser