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Design and Technology

We believe technology to be a vital component of the curriculum. Not only does it give children the opportunity to develop design and construction skills but it also draws on and enhances learning in other areas of the curriculum and develops problem solving skills.



What we want our children to know: Knowledge organisers


Journeys – Space rockets and kebabs
Celebrations – Lanterns
Day and Night – Owl toast


Year 1

Structures – Windmills
Food - Design a fruit and veg smoothie
Mechanisms - Moving pictures story book


Year 2

Food – A balanced diet
Mechanisms – Making a moving monster
Structures – Baby Bear’s chair

A balanced diet

Moving monster

Baby bear chairs

Year 3/4

Treasure box
Seasonal food


Year 4/5

Greek labyrinth
Pop up books


Year 6

Chinese pottery
Electrical ski lift – fair ground ride



In design and technology class 2 have made fruit smoothies. They were very safe and careful when cutting the fruit and followed all the rules. They loved making the smoothies, even if they didn't all enjoy tasting them 🙂