Tattershall Primary School

Tattershall Primary School
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Our Curriculum

We have developed and organised the curriculum at Tattershall Primary school to make learning exciting, meaningful and memorable for our learners.

Our themed curriculum

Children’s learning in each area of the curriculum is organised into units. Each term, there is a class curriculum theme and many of the units are linked to this theme (these units are shown on our Long Term Plans).

Throughout the term, the learning is celebrated in each class with a display board of their successes.

Not all units of work fit into a theme. We need to make sure that the children experience all the learning opportunities they should in accordance with the National Curriculum requirements and we want our children to experience a broad curriculum, so some Curriculum subjects are taught as stand-alone units (Science, Physical Education, PSHE/SEAL, Music).

Sometimes, learning in some curriculum areas has been ‘blocked’. For example, History may not be covered in Terms 1 and 3, but will be covered in Term 2. Blocking the curriculum in this way can help make learning more meaningful and in-depth rather than trying to fit in a little bit of everything every term. We make sure that over two years the children experience the curriculum balance they should.

Curriculum Weeks

Throughout the year, the school has a variety of ‘curriculum weeks’, where learning in that week is geared towards one curriculum subject, allowing for lots of cross-curricular links in learning.

At the end of a Curriculum week, each class shares their learning in an assembly to celebrate the subject area.

Curriculum Teams

Every member of staff and every child at Tattershall Primary School are assigned a curriculum subject team, to improve the provision of all subjects throughout the school.

Once a term, each curriculum team meets for one afternoon to conduct research about their subject; children also have the opportunity to complete a fun task about their chosen curriculum subject. Research includes: pupil voice, planning scrutiny, work scrutiny, action plan updates.