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Art and Design

Children are encouraged to use a wide variety of tools and materials for drawing, painting and creating imaginative and observational three dimensional work. As well as developing their own style they look at the work of other artists and explore the use of their techniques and media. It is important that children are taught how to select and look after a range of different materials.



What we want our children to know: Knowledge organisers


Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools, techniques. Experimenting with colour, design, texture, and function.
Painting – Self-portraits, animals, space pictures, castles
Drawing – Castles, self-portraits, animals
Sculpture – Diva lamps


Year 1

Art and design skills
Formal elements of art
Sculpture and collages

Formal elements of Art

Year 2

Formal elements of art
Sculpture and mixed media
Art and design skills

Formal elements of Art

Art and Design skills

Sculpture and Mixed Media

Year 3/4

Fossil art
Pre-historic art


Year 4/5

Greek vases
Viking art
Plant based art


Year 6

Art and design skills
Make my voice heard
Still life


Julian Opie portraits

Class 3 drew the outline of their picture onto tracing paper and then traced it onto paper. Then they used watercolours to paint them. Once they dried, they used black pens on the outlines to make their portraits stand out.


Class 3 did an amazing job at making sculptures using wires and plasticine. They were using the focus of superheroes and a pose they would make. They used a lot of perseverance and determination, which showed in the quality of the final sculptures.

Art - Exploring Line

In art class 2 have enjoyed exploring line and worked together to create a whole class piece of abstract art. The theme was water 😊

Art - 3D colour drawings

Class 3 progressed onto using colour to create 3D drawings. The class used the tones of colour to design a 3D drawing of a new planet. The planets they drew were for their monstermatics they wrote about in their English learning.

Art - 3D pencil drawings

Class 3 used pieces of different sized ribbon to create their 3D drawings. After drawing the outline of the ribbon, the children used different gradients of pencils to add tone to make it look three dimensional.

Art - Frottage

Class 3 used their rubbings from the previous week to use the technique frottage in the style of the artist, Max Ernst. Frottage is when you take rubbings from an uneven surface to form the basis of a work of art. We used Frottage to make badgers, foxes, squirrels and hedgehogs as we were using them as a focus in our English learning.

Art - Rubbings

Class 3 explored textures by rubbing different coloured pastels on materials they found in the classroom and on the playground.

Pop-up Books

Primary It may not look organised learning, but Class 5 children have been working tirelessly to create their pop-up books. The children are very excited to show case these to Class 2 once they are complete.

Class 5's painted vases

Class 5 children have been learning new skills, which will help them create their vases.

Class 5 have now used their clay skills to create their vases. Final step is painting.

Children worked to their plans and created some fantastic vases.

Watercolour paint

Class 4 have produced some fantastic artwork at home and in school. In class they have been using watercolour paint to create brilliant pictures of birds and Chinese New Year animals.

Art Skills

Class 5 have been working hard on their art skills during lockdown. We have been improving our sketching skills as well as our painting skills and some children have even had a go at collaging their final kiwi.

Draw with Rob

Class 6 have been using ‘Draw with Rob’ to create some amazing art work, whilst following his instructions very carefully. The finished products are outstanding!


This term Class 3 have been focusing on landscapes and the artists Monet and Van Gogh. We should have been painting each week but that hasn't been possible unfortunately. The children have done a fantastic job at adapting their learning at home and they have used felt tips and pencil crayons if paint wasn't available.

Bridges – Testing Beams

Year 6 have begun their exciting project of creating a bridge. During this lesson, they tested the strength and effectiveness of different shaped beams using card and small weights.

Bear pancakes

On Shrove Tuesday, Class 1 enjoyed decorating a pancake to look like a bear face!

Fruit rockets

Class 1 read and followed instructions to make fruit rockets. The children were then able to sequence the steps and write their own set of instructions.

Tim Peake

Class 1 were inspired by astronaut Tim Peake's photography. We created our own space background and dressed up as astronauts to take selfies.

Arts Week

During Art week Class 6 focused on applying paint using the Pointillism technique developed by the artist Seurat. They recreated parts of the scenes from Jeannie Baker’s book Window, for which she had originally used a variety of collage materials to build up pictures. We thought it would take us a very long while but once we had practised our skills we found applying the dots and blending the paint was fun and our completed pictures were great.

Bridge engineering challenge completed

Fit for a Queen. Decorated to celebrate Her Majesty’s 93rd birthday. Which one would you choose to grace the crossing of the moat at Tattershall castle? Congratulations Year 6 on some super learning and some great skill.


Class one have started their new learning on space. We have drawn and labelled rockets and worked cooperatively in pairs to make our rockets using junk modelling materials. We have also been painting rockets.

Bridge project II

Class 6’s bridge project has progressed from designs to models. Completion of the decoration is now underway to meet all our success criteria. Evaluations and final photos of our structures will be shared very soon.

Art – Sketching

We have started to learn new skills to help us sketch objects. We had a practice drawing different lines and shading so today we used those skills to draw real objects.

Owl Toast

Class one made owl toast by carefully spreading chocolate spread onto toast and chopping up fruit to make an owl face. They were delicious!

Homework project

Class 2 had the challenge of making an animal for their homework project. They could choose whatever animal they wanted and they could use any type of material to make it. I have had some amazing animals brought in over the week, the children have done a brilliant job. Well done everyone.

Junk models

The children in Class 1 are very keen on using modelling materials to make things. For their homework task they were asked to use junk modelling to create a model. Here are some of the results! The children were really proud and confident to talk about their creations.


Class 2 have worked hard to get their puppets finished and we are really pleased with how they turned out. They look amazing! We found sewing a little tricky but we enjoyed sticking the eyes and hair on!

Puppet making

In our design lessons we are making our own toys. Before we started to make them we experimented with what materials would be best to use. We drew our own design and chose what colour we wanted it to be. We can’t wait to finish them!


Class 4 got very creative with their homework project and created a wide range of pyramids.

Moon cakes

As part of our Chinese New Year learning, the children made cakes eaten during this celebration. We had lots of fun making moon cakes and we enjoyed tasting them even more!