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Welcome to Class 6

Mr Ryan Frost
Year 6


English End of Year Expectations

Maths End of Year Expectations

Science End of Year Expectations

Geography End of Year Expectations

History End of Year Expectations

The above documents are saved in PDF format. If you are unable to open them then you can download a free PDF reader from Adobe. Paper copies of all documents published on this website and our other policies are also available from the school.

DT Bridges

Class 6 have been putting their DT skills in to practice to create model bridges using a variety of materials. They designed and built bridges which included beams, trusses, pillars and suspension; then decorated them to celebrate the the NHS!

Bridges – Testing Beams

Year 6 have begun their exciting project of creating a bridge. During this lesson, they tested the strength and effectiveness of different shaped beams using card and small weights.

e-Safety Workshop

On Thursday 5th November, Class 6 were joined in the classroom by Dan from the LCC Stay Safe Partnership. He worked with the children to discuss the good and bad things about the internet and online gaming – as well as giving some fantastic tips on how to stay safe online.

The children thoroughly enjoyed Dan’s visit and will be much safer when using the internet from now on.

Classifying Animals

We have been using the classification system designed by Carl Linnaeus to group animals and identify their similarities and differences.