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Welcome to Class 5

Mr Hoodless
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vardy
Years 4 and 5


Themed Curriculum






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Class 5 loved their surprise visit from Santa.


Class 5 loved completing the act your age challenge for Children in Need. It has been lovely to see all the spots and bright colours.


Class 5 have been checking their knowledge of circuits from Monday's lesson and seeing if they were correct and the circuit would or would not work.


A big thank you to our PTA who have been able to fund new science equipment to help Class 5 with their forces learning. the equipment has really helped children understand gears, pulleys and levers. class 5 have been able to build various models and apply their knowledge to real life examples which lead to excellent discussion between the Children.

Investigating Gears

Class 5 have have now moved on to investigating gears. They were able to see how different size gears interact with each other and use their maths skills to work out how many times a gear would turn in relation to another gear. Excellent investigation skills.

WW2 Research

Class 5 loved using the tablets to research a WW2 soldier.


Class 5 really enjoyed their friction investigation. They decided to investigate which school school had the post grip.

Place Value

Class 5 have been exploring their place value knowledge using place value counters to get a good understanding of counting on and back in hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands.

Class 5 Science - Isaac Newton

Class 5 really enjoyed their Isaac Newton hunt finding out about Isaac Newton's life and his discoveries.

Gravity and Air resistance

Class 5 have been enjoying their forces learning. Class 5 created their own experiment to investigate gravity on a variety of objects. Class 5 have also created their own investigation to see the affects of air resistance and how they can change the affects of air resistance.