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Welcome to Class 4

Miss Addison
Years 3 and 4


Class 4 Long Term Plan






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Stone Age Experience Day!

Class 4 children have learned about what everyday tasks in the Stone Age were like. 

We shaved bars of soap to create our own Stone Age tools, we made such a mess but worked together to help clean up afterwards.  Look at how smooth some of those arrowheads look!

We created prehistoric pottery using clay and natural tools that would have been available to use in the Stone Age.  It was very tricky to manipulate the clay into the shape we wanted.

We also used Crayola Model Magic to create our own Stone Age jewellery – some of us were elaborate with our dinosaur bones whereas others created more simple and classic jewellery!

The whole experience gave us lots of great ideas for our English writing and helped to bring our learning to life!

Stone Age Hunters and Gatherers!

We had another experience day, where we spent some time acting out everyday tasks from the Stone Age; such as gathering, sleeping, hunting and eating.  Some of us even got into squabbles over hunted food!

Later on, we felt different materials from the Stone Age to gather touching vocabulary, which would help us write our Adventure Stories.

The best part of the lesson, was having the chance to use a bow and arrow to hunt for smaller animals.  We caught plenty of rabbits and badgers for our dinner!

Some of us were better at hunting the larger mammoths with spears or skinning the animals (grapes) ready for eating.