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Welcome to Class 3

Mrs McCabe-Reeson
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Mrs West
Year 2


Themed Curriculum






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Canada National Anthem

For our Arctic Wellbeing Wednesday learning, we learnt the Canadian national anthem and recorded it using a green screen.


During our English learning we read the book ‘Not Now Bernard!’ by David McKee. We wrote a conversation similar to the book and some children recorded themselves with the help of their family members.

Home learning

Class 3 have been working really hard while learning from home. They have really engaged in all their learning and they have produced some fantastic work. Well done everyone.


This term Class 3 have been focusing on landscapes and the artists Monet and Van Gogh. We should have been painting each week but that hasn't been possible unfortunately. The children have done a fantastic job at adapting their learning at home and they have used felt tips and pencil crayons if paint wasn't available.


We had lots of fun in the snow today, we tried to make a huge snowman but we got distracted with snowballs!!

We also had lots of fun at home after all our learning.

Children in Need

All the children did brilliantly running around the playground in the 'Act Your Age' challenge for Children in Need.

Remembrance Day

As part of our learning about Remembrance Day we made poppies by painting cake cases and we attached them to wire. To show our respect we have displayed them in our windows.

The Cat and the King

As part of our castle learning, we read the book The Cat and the King. We really enjoyed the story as it was very funny. At the end, the cat made some shortbread for a party and the recipe was in the book, so we decided to make some! It was very tasty!

Addition and subtraction

Class 3 enjoyed using the tens and ones to help them understand how to add and subtract using column method.

Art competition

Class 3 worked hard on their entries for the art competition. They had to draw something that made them smile. All the children really thought about the colours they needed to recreate their drawing as a painting.

Rhyming poems

Class 3 had a lot of fun writing poems about themselves. They worked as a team to help each other think of lots of words to rhyme with their names and then they used those words to think of as many lines as possible for their poem.