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Welcome to Class 3

Mrs McCabe-Reeson
Year 2


Themed Curriculum






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Julian Opie portraits

Class 3 drew the outline of their picture onto tracing paper and then traced it onto paper. Then they used watercolours to paint them. Once they dried, they used black pens on the outlines to make their portraits stand out.


We had a fantastic session with JB Sports Coaching learning a new skill. There were definitely lots of natural archers in Class 3.


Class 3 did an amazing job at making sculptures using wires and plasticine. They were using the focus of superheroes and a pose they would make. They used a lot of perseverance and determination, which showed in the quality of the final sculptures.

Class assembly

Class 3 did a fantastic job in their assembly. They spoke confidently and clearly, and we even had some Oscar worthy acting! Well done Class 3.

Things that make us happy PowerPoint

Islamic Centre

Class 2 and 3 visited the Islamic Centre in Sleaford to support their RE learning about Islam this term.

World Book Day

We really enjoyed sharing our favourite books with Class 5 during World Book Day. All children took it in turn to read their book and then listen carefully to their partner read.

Art - 3D colour drawings

Class 3 progressed onto using colour to create 3D drawings. The class used the tones of colour to design a 3D drawing of a new planet. The planets they drew were for their monstermatics they wrote about in their English learning.

Art - 3D pencil drawings

Class 3 used pieces of different sized ribbon to create their 3D drawings. After drawing the outline of the ribbon, the children used different gradients of pencils to add tone to make it look three dimensional.

Maths - measurement

We have been learning about length and height in Class 3. We use metre sticks to measure objects in our classroom.

Art - Frottage

Class 3 used their rubbings from the previous week to use the technique frottage in the style of the artist, Max Ernst. Frottage is when you take rubbings from an uneven surface to form the basis of a work of art. We used Frottage to make badgers, foxes, squirrels and hedgehogs as we were using them as a focus in our English learning.

PE - Gymnastics

Class 3 have really enjoyed their gymnastics lessons this term. They have been learning how to make shapes with their bodies, balance on apparatus, move around a mat in different ways and do a barrel and a forward roll. The children used this learning to choreograph a routine incorporating their new skills.

Science - Habitats

As part of our science learning, we learnt about different types of habitats including micro-habitats. To help us with our understanding of micro-habitats and what animals live in them we carried out an investigation in our wildlife garden.


Art - Rubbings

Class 3 explored textures by rubbing different coloured pastels on materials they found in the classroom and on the playground.


Class 3 had a fantastic morning learning how to play dodgeball. Everyone listened carefully to the rules and showed great sportsmanship throughout.

Homework - Lifecycles

We learnt all about the lifecycles of humans, frogs and butterflies in science. To consolidate their learning they made a lifecycle of their choice on a paper plate for homework. They look brilliant.

Homework - Tattershall Castle

Class 3 had the task of building Tattershall Castle for homework over half term. They were able to use whichever material they would like and they have done a brilliant job. They all look amazing!

Tattershall Castle

Class 3 had a fantastic time learning all about the history of Tattershall Castle. We were able to look around all of the castle and find out interesting facts about each floor. It was the perfect way to end our learning about castles.

Art -Repeated Pattern

In art we are learning about the formal elements of art. We began the learning by looking at repeated patterns in nature and also around our classroom. The children used objects to create their own repeated patterns on black and white paper. The whole class took their time when they used the objects and they thought carefully about what colours they needed to use to make their patterns.

Maths – Column method

Class 3 worked really hard using resources to help them exchange when adding.