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Welcome to Class 3

Mrs McCabe-Reeson
Year 2


Themed Curriculum






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Homework - Lifecycles

We learnt all about the lifecycles of humans, frogs and butterflies in science. To consolidate their learning they made a lifecycle of their choice on a paper plate for homework. They look brilliant.

Homework - Tattershall Castle

Class 3 had the task of building Tattershall Castle for homework over half term. They were able to use whichever material they would like and they have done a brilliant job. They all look amazing!

Tattershall Castle

Class 3 had a fantastic time learning all about the history of Tattershall Castle. We were able to look around all of the castle and find out interesting facts about each floor. It was the perfect way to end our learning about castles.

Art -Repeated Pattern

In art we are learning about the formal elements of art. We began the learning by looking at repeated patterns in nature and also around our classroom. The children used objects to create their own repeated patterns on black and white paper. The whole class took their time when they used the objects and they thought carefully about what colours they needed to use to make their patterns.

Maths – Column method

Class 3 worked really hard using resources to help them exchange when adding.